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Annual Club Contest

- Furthest Distance -

  • To compete in this contest the member must provide a single picture of the odometer and enough of the bike to reasonably identify the bike and a fuel receipt from the vicinity of the starting location that displays the date and address.

  • To upload mulitple pictures please zip them into a single file.

  • At the point the member determines to be the furthest point they will need a picture of the bike with a recognizable landmark such as:

    • Municipal welcome to sign,

    • Post Office,

    • City/Town/Village Hall,

    • Law enforcement station,

    • Public works sign,

    • Etc.

  • In remote locations without distinguishing landmarks a GPS track can be submitted or 2 pictures, one of the BMW and the second of a GPS showing grid coordinates.

  • Distances will be determined using Google Map “shortest” option from the location of the starting fueling point to the landmark or GPS coordinate provided.