Annual Club Contest

- Most City States Visited -

  • Contest:

    Visit municipalities (cities, towns, villages, …) that have the same name as one of the States in Unites States.  The “City States” may be located within an of the 50 states or US Territories.

    The rider with the most “City-States” visited will be the winner and receive a $50 gift certificate that will be announced at the club’s annual breakfast.


    • Be a club member in good standing during the period municipalities were visited,
    • Must be accomplished riding a 2 or 3 wheeled BMW motorcycle,
    • Visits must be accomplished during the contest period (1 Jan through Nov club meeting),
    • Contestants must submit documents on-line to BMW Motorrad Club, Northern Illinois website verifying the municipalities visited not later than the November Club meeting,
    • Documents required:
      1. Picture of the contestant’s BMW displaying a landmark displaying the municipality visited name (highway “Welcome to” sign, municipal sign – police, fire, public works, city hall, business, …),
      2. Document to verify date of visit – The picture can be date stamped, fuel receipt from local merchant gas station/restaurant, GPS track, ….
    • Tie breaker – in the event of a tie between mutilpe riders additional cities with country names “City Countries” will be considered wit the same rules applying for validating the visit. City Countries will ONLY be used as tie breakers.