Minutes of BMW Motorrad Club Northern Illinois
February 14, 2013

President Kirk Johnson called the meeting to order at 7:30pm.

There was a discussion about combining holiday parties. The following were
suggestions brought up by club members
• After the holidays
• club may 1/2 for meal
• door prizes to attendees-club pay for the prizes
• awards for contributions or miles ridden

Rene shared what his other club does. Catered banquet room-chg a fee of
$23.00/person. Everyone gets a ticket and door prizes are donated by members and
some purchased by club.

Doug motioned to combine parties. Motion carried.

Karen from the RA will be here on March 14th.

Rene suggested breakfast w/o cycles.

Upcoming Rally events
June-North Carolina-who's going-Doug, Kirk, Peter, Gerhard
Becky will be racing at Road America -June 8th and 9th
Website and facebook is growing.

Doug and Kirk set up a Pay Pal account to allow people to pay dues, campout fees
through paypal rather than checks. Doug will set up the email account for this purpose.

Doug updated the club on what he has been doing for marketing the program.

  • Created a logo just for the campout-has 3 designs for members to vote on.
  • Can make stickers, patches, etc. Can sell them on the website as well as at the campout.
    • 100 patches $2.15 ea
    • 300 patches $1.53 ea
    • Takes one month to make
  • He spoke with Beth Cooper from MOA-she can send e-blasts to the members that we designate by zipcode to announce events etc.
  • We can get MOA merchandise to use for door prizes at the end of year or at events.
  • We have a club listing in progress.
  • Free 10" of ad space. 2 ads to push Galena Campout 3/15 and 5/15 in the BMW ON Magazine
  • Paul Mazon and Vince Winkle will be touring clubs
  • Create a poster to advertise weekend rides May 18 and 25.
  • Utilize dealership to set up mini event.
  • Every BMW sold free 6 month membership at dealership.
  • MOA Rally in Oregon--Paul Mazon-Leadership Summit-Roundtable Discussion.
  • Build up Charter Clubs by offering free memberships Super Sweepstakes. 8-10 dealerships April-May select a weekend and every ticket they sell additional $2500 prize. Dealership gets reimbursed -we would have to have a table 2 for 1 membership.

Need more articles for the website-write your own or send to Doug.

Send past photos of Galena Campout to Doug for the website. Or any Rally events.

Kirk-Motioned to approve Gift Certificate for 6 month free membership. Mary seconded.
Motion carried.

Trig is hosting a wheel building (lacing) on Sat 2/16.

Mary moved to start meetings at 7pm. Motioned was carried.

Liability Issues for group rides. Rene has one from other clubs he will send to Peter and
Mary will review and we will have our version at future meeting.

Group Riding protocol was discussed. This will be addressed at future meetings.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:35pm
Submitted by,
Cathy Sexton, Secretary