Regular Membership: In order to become a regular member of the club, an applicant must own a BMW motorcycle and pay the appropriate annual fee. Dues are not prorated

Associate Membership: Associate members enjoy all of the benefits of regular membership, except they have no voting privileges or official voice at meetings and cannot hold office. Associate members could be former members who are physically unable to ride their motorcycles, or BMW motorcycle owners residing outside of Illinois.

Family Membership: Spouses or children of Regular or Associate members may join the club for a minimal extra fee and enjoy all of the benefits of a Regular member.

Annual Membership Dues:

Regular $25.00
Associate $15.00
Family $7.50
Additional Member $7.00
Personal Information
Contact Information
About Yourself
Additional Family Member (if applicable)

I/We hereby waive and hold harmless BMW Motorrad Group Northern Illinois, its officers and directors for any cause of action I/ we have now or may have against BMW Motorrad Group Northern Illinois in the future. This extends to my/ our executors, administrators and assignees.